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[Public WebGL] FF generating: WebGL: bendFunc: dfactor: invaldi enum value 0x201

When I set webgl.berbose to true in FF/Minefield I'm getting this error:

  WebGL: bendFunc: dfactor: invaldi enum value 0x201

when executing:

  gl.blendFunc(gl.ONE_MINUS_SRC_ALPHA, gl.LESS)

You can see this happen on this page:


The spec states LESS is not supported:


  /* AlphaFunction (not supported in ES20) */
  /*      NEVER */
  /*      LESS */
  /*      EQUAL */
  /*      LEQUAL */
  /*      GREATER */
  /*      NOTEQUAL */
  /*      GEQUAL */
  /*      ALWAYS */

  /* BlendingFactorDest */
  const GLenum ZERO                           = 0;
  const GLenum ONE                            = 1;
  const GLenum SRC_COLOR                      = 0x0300;
  const GLenum ONE_MINUS_SRC_COLOR            = 0x0301;
  const GLenum SRC_ALPHA                      = 0x0302;
  const GLenum ONE_MINUS_SRC_ALPHA            = 0x0303;
  const GLenum DST_ALPHA                      = 0x0304;
  const GLenum ONE_MINUS_DST_ALPHA            = 0x0305;

Is this operation supported?

I don't see a way to turn on something equivalent to webgl.verbose in Safari/WebKit or Chrome but I haven't seen those errors/warnings running in these browsers.

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