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Re: [Public WebGL] WebGL 1.0 ratified and released

On Mar 8, 2011, at 6:02 PM, David Sheets wrote:

> Speaking of 16-bit depth buffers... any chance of getting OES_depth24
> ported to WebGL?
> WebKit nightly appears to always use 16-bit depth buffers on a test
> machine even when 24-bit depth buffers are available. On this same
> machine (late 2010 iMac), Chrome renders with 24-bit depth but refuses
> to create a 24-bit depth attachment. Firefox 4 beta 12 always upgrades
> the precision.
> iOS appears to always provide OES_depth24.

It's surprising if WebKit uses a 16 bit depth buffer when a 24 bit buffer is available. I try to get the widest depth buffer available. Can you post a WebKit bug and include the test case you're using to tell that WebKit is choosing a 16 bit depth buffer?

I am certainly for adding OES_depth24. I agree that it's pretty universally available, especially with the new generation of chips we're seeing now.


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