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RE: [Public WebGL] WebGL 1.0 ratified and released

Title: RE: [Public WebGL] WebGL 1.0 ratified and released

I’m an old graphics guy, who trained in the Utah Graphics Lab in the mid 1980’s.

Looking over the new WebGL standard gives a moment for reflection of the great strides that have been taken.

Public standards like this are really important.

My only concern is that double precision arithmetic is not being supported.

Perhaps with modern graphics GPU’s 64 bit arithmetic is a bottleneck or a hassle, I don’t know.

I just recall a family of problems which went away when we computed in double precision.

The images were much crisper and easier to filter properly.

These issues came up  in intersection calculations that were numerically brittle, such as the intersections of nearly parallel lines in perspective, etc.

Other than this it looks great.

-       L. Van Warren MS CS AE / wdv.com