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[Public WebGL] The Ooman Experience

Hello everyone,

I thought you might be interested in a new WebGL game demo that we at
Ashima Arts have just released. The game is a 3D puzzle platformer
where you play the title character, Ooman, a pair of concentric
spheres^w^w^w^w disembodied eyeball in goo^w^w^w^w double-oh puzzle

The game is at <http://ashimagames.com/> and our development blog post
is at <http://dev.ashimagames.com/?q=node/7>.

We are also releasing three small open source libraries to help with
WebGL development:

webgl-noise = 2-D/3-D/4-D GLESSL noise functions without arrays,
textures, or conditionals at <http://github.com/ashima/webgl-noise>
webgl-diagnostic = a collection of Javascript utility functions for
generating diagnostic reports about the local WebGL environment at
webgl-decomment = a set of GLESSL comment stripping routines in C++,
Javascript, Perl, and OCaml at

We'd love to have your feedback on the game, the code, or anything
else that you think is relevant. Right now we just have a couple of
tutorial levels but we will be adding content in the days ahead.

Thanks to the Chrome, WebKit, and Firefox teams for their
implementation efforts. We wouldn't be here without you.

We look forward to participating in this developer community in the
coming months and years.

Best wishes,

David Sheets
Ashima Arts
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