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Re: [Public WebGL] GL_OES_element_index_uint

On 2011/02/11 5:54, steve@sjbaker.org wrote:
> 1) Cases where some feature isn't supported in hardware - so the driver
> does a software fallback.  This has been the bane of OpenGL developers
> from day #1 - WebGL makes it even tougher.  One old laptop we have at home
> reports that it DOES support vertex texturing - but when you try to use
> it, your frame rate drops by a factor of 20!  Presumably it's dropping
> back to running the vertex shader in the CPU...badly!  The pain is that I
> can't test for that cleanly.  If the driver just came out and honestly
> told me that it didn't support vertex textures - then I have an acceptable
> fallback available...
The GPU blacklist could be extended to handle this kind of case. If a
GPUs vertex texturing feature is blacklisted then the WebGL
implementation would not expose the extension.



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