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[Public WebGL] Changes to the spec

Per the recent F2F, I've made some minor edits to the spec:

1) Removed (actually moved) the paragraph about allowed characters in GLSL shaders from section 4.3
2) Added text (taken from 1 above) to section 6.18 about allowing UTF-16 in GLSL comments
3) Added a non-normative paragraph about how to deal with UTF-16 characters in GLSL comments to section 6.18
4) Added normative references to ASCII and DOMString
5) Added text to section 5.13.10 about generating an error if the length of the array passed to uniform*v is wrong.
6) Got rid of direct link to Canvas spec in section 2.1, and added reference to [CANVAS] in the first paragraph.
7) Minor edit to section 2.1 header to get rid of single quotes in heading.

Please review...


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