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Re: [Public WebGL] RequestAnimationFrame stops updating after hitting a breakpoint

On Wed, Feb 9, 2011 at 12:00 PM, Mark Callow <callow_mark@hicorp.co.jp> wrote:
 On 2011/02/09 10:11, Gregg Tavares (wrk) wrote:

> Hopefully with in a month or 2 all browsers that support canvas will
> support requestAnimationFrame so user's will stop going to pages that
> DOS their machine with setTimeout or setInterval. I believe all
> browsers the support WebGL will support requestAnimiationFrame. It's
> only IE that hasn't said if they have plans to implement it.
I note the use of "will". Do Chrome9 stable and FF4 currently support
requestAnimationFrame or not?

Chrome 9 does not support requestAnimationFrame.  Chrome 10 builds do (as webkitRequestAnimationFrame).  Current Firefox 4 beta builds support the API as mozRequestAnimationFrame, and I presume that they will ship it in Firefox 4 stable (although that's up to Mozilla, not me).

- James

In a similar vein, does Chrome9 stable use "subset" or "subarray" in its
Typed Array implementation?