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Re: [Public WebGL] Chrome stable linux

In Firefox, WebGL is on by default on all platforms including linux, but on linux we currently only whitelist the NVIDIA binary driver.

Other drivers may or may not be crashy (when running e.g. the WebGL conformance test suite) depending on their versions.

A problem that we're running into in both Firefox and Chromium is that on X11 it's exceedingly hard to get OpenGL driver information without creating a GL context, which in case of bad drivers is enough to crash. See: http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/mesa-dev/2011-February/005267.html

So in order to whitelist more drivers, which will have to be based on version numbers, the solution I think I'll implement in Firefox, which consists in getting GL driver info in a separate process, will have to wait for Firefox 5, probably around mid-2011.


When will WebGL be on by default in Chrome stable for Linux?  FireFox?