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Re: [Public WebGL] determining depth of z-buffer

On 2011/02/03 5:58, steve@sjbaker.org wrote:
> Remember, this stuff pre-dates OpenGL by quite a long way.  The original
> Silicon Graphics "Geometry Engine" in the Personal-IRIS (probably the
> first hardware accelerated 3D engine with a Z-buffer that you could
> actually buy) did Z just like modern WebGL does.
The Geometry Engine originally appeared in the IRIS 1000 series which
progressed through the 2000 and 3000 series before giving way to the
IRIS4D and IRIS4D/GT.  The Personal IRIS appeared after the GT. I began
my time at SGI with an IRIS 3030 which, if memory serves, had a
z-buffer. I still have my "Power of Ideas in Motion" mug from the
Personal IRIS announcement, Oct. 1988.



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