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Re: [Public WebGL] loop constants

On 01/29/2011 07:51 AM, John Davis wrote:
> In the fragment shader, when I run my stuff under Chrome variable
> loops work, while under FireFox they do not (I have to make them
> constants).  If both implementations use Angle, this shouldn't be the
> case, right?
Firstly, variable shader loops (those where the termination condition
isn't a constant) aren't supposed to work in WebGL - they are disallowed
by the OpenGL-ES spec.   However, it's possible that the checking that
stops you from using them isn't working for some reason.  It's not
necessarily the case that FireFox will use ANGLE...on some systems it
uses the native OpenGL when Chrome chooses ANGLE...which could certainly
explain the difference you're seeing between the two browsers.

  -- Steve

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