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Re: [Public WebGL] context attribute to allow control anti-aliasing more finely?

On Jan 7, 2011, at 7:35 AM, steve@sjbaker.org wrote:

> How about a 'float'?  0.0 = lowest, 1.0 = highest?
> That way you can get at all of the in-between levels of quality.  It's no
> harder to handle than none/low/high and it doesn't shut out the
> intermediate possibilities.
> I'd prefer that it was in addition to the boolean 'antialias' attribute. 
> There are times when you want a/a "off", and you want it very solidly,
> definitely, for sure "off".

Most hardware requires the antialiasing to be specified when the drawing buffer is created. So such an attribute would cause serious overhead and maybe even a context clear on some systems.

Again, we did it the way that we did for simplicity, knowing we could improve the system in the future. Of course, implementations are free to add preferences to let the user turn it on of off.


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