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Re: [Public WebGL] context attribute to allow control anti-aliasing more finely?

How about a 'float'?  0.0 = lowest, 1.0 = highest?

That way you can get at all of the in-between levels of quality.  It's no
harder to handle than none/low/high and it doesn't shut out the
intermediate possibilities.

I'd prefer that it was in addition to the boolean 'antialias' attribute. 
There are times when you want a/a "off", and you want it very solidly,
definitely, for sure "off".

Also, if we did that then we could set antialias-quality to 1.0 by default
and not break existing code.

  -- Steve

> We currently have a boolean 'antialias' context attribute. But it doesn't
> allow to control the quality of the anti-aliasing.
> Should we:
>  * not do anything about it?
>  * or replace it by an integer with 3 possible values, say "none", "low",
> "high" ?
>  * or, to keep compatibility with existing WebGL code, add a separate
> 'antialiasfactor' attribute?
> Benoit

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