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AW: [Public WebGL] Best practices questions

I know that it depends on the hardware but a list based on OpenGL might not be enough for the future for different reasons:

1. The WebGL to OpenGL wrapper in the implementation might limit some values.
2. Desktop drivers start to include OpenGL ES interfaces. They may expose different limits then the OpenGL interfaces.
3. The ANGEL project maps to DirectX. This means we need to check the DirectX caps lists and know the rules how these will map to WebGL limits.

In our code we use symbolic names for the constants. They will replaced by the pipeline that generate the final JavaScript file.  

Von: Benoit Jacob [bjacob@mozilla.com]
Gesendet: Freitag, 7. Januar 2011 13:57
An: Kornmann, Ralf
Cc: public webgl; Gregg Tavares (wrk)
Betreff: Re: [Public WebGL] Best practices questions

> Does anybody know if there are any plans to provide a table with
> theses values for different browser/platform/GPU combinations? Query
> all the limits would best praxis for sure. But game developers like
> such tables to have an idea what they could expect in the wild before
> starting to implement the engine and let the artists produce content.

This is currently not WebGL-specific, it really only depends on the hardware, so for example this database would give you this data:

>> 2. The interface contains a huge number of constants with defined
>> values. To reduce script size and gain a little bit performances I
>> thought about pass directly the values instead of using the constants.
>> Is this a bad Idea?
> It's not a bad idea. The constants will not / can not change.

You could keep using the constants in your sources and then, as a minifier, do a search&replace to replace them by their values. This way you keep your source readable.

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