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Re: [Public WebGL] Best practices questions

> Does anybody know if there are any plans to provide a table with
> theses values for different browser/platform/GPU combinations? Query
> all the limits would best praxis for sure. But game developers like
> such tables to have an idea what they could expect in the wild before
> starting to implement the engine and let the artists produce content.

This is currently not WebGL-specific, it really only depends on the hardware, so for example this database would give you this data:

>> 2. The interface contains a huge number of constants with defined
>> values. To reduce script size and gain a little bit performances I
>> thought about pass directly the values instead of using the constants.
>> Is this a bad Idea?
> It's not a bad idea. The constants will not / can not change.

You could keep using the constants in your sources and then, as a minifier, do a search&replace to replace them by their values. This way you keep your source readable.

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