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Re: [Public WebGL] some samples and a question about looping

In FF4b8 I am having severe problems with these demos. Flow and Rubik's cube are the only ones which work reliably. (I did not purposely try the ones using "VTF").

Refraction soaks my PC to the point where it is unusable. It continuously trips FF's script timeout so I get a pop-ups asking if I want to cancel it. For a long time it draws nothing. Finally a black and yellow image appears with diffraction patterns on the black part. This disappears almost immediately replaced by  an empty white canvas. After a further long time and more timeout pop-ups, it draws what looks like exactly the same image again.

Xmas star blue-screened my computer. This was after I had inadvertently tried the VTF demos. The crash was in nv4_disp.dll. A subsequent attempt, directly after restart and running Rubik's cube worked but also generated script timeout pop-ups.

I have Core2 1.86GHz with 2.00GB of RAM and a NVIDIA Quadro FX 3450/4000 with 256MB of RAM. The driver is pretty old, version 182.67. I will try updating to the latest driver.

Notes for Sami:

Xmas Star says "WARNING: Might crash your computer, follow the instructions on the page." It crashed before the page was displayed so instructions on the page are useless. In any case, there aren't any.

"VTF" is way too cryptic.



On 07/01/2011 01:39, Chris Marrin wrote:

On Dec 24, 2010, at 8:51 AM, Sami Mäkelä wrote:


I've updated my samples at http://programming-progress.com/webgl.html
so that they now work (or do not work) as expected on the latest
browsers. At least check out the Xmas star.
This is a very nice set of demos. I don't see it on the User Contributions section of the Wiki. Can you add it?

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