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Re: [Public WebGL] some samples and a question about looping

> If these GPUs are deployed in devices with sub-1GHz CPUs, I have a
> hard time believing that these devices will ever run WebGL content
> acceptably due to JavaScript's inherent inefficiency.

I have been surprised at how much you can do with a sluggish CPU and
JavaScript (using very ancient PC hardware and super-low-cost netbooks).

By pushing as much work as I can down into the GPU and up into the Server,
I've ended up with an engine that doesn't really need a whole lot of CPU
horsepower.   My biggest performance holes are generally in fill rate and
the time consumed by compositing operations when they aren't being done in
the GPU.   My hope is that on phone-based hardware, the small screen size
will generally compensate for GPU fillrate issues.

  -- Steve

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