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Re: [Public WebGL] some samples and a question about looping

On 06/01/2011 14:23, David Sheets wrote:
Hi Mark,

I understand the desire to protect graphics vendors' interests by
making hardware limitation inquiries anonymous. Could you tell us
anything about the nature of these shader-limited GPUs? Are they
currently being manufactured? Are they 2 years old? 5 years? Desktop?
I really do not know. The discussion took place what feels like a year ago. It might have been a less or a bit more. Many designs had been in the market for a year or more before that. I have no idea if hardware makers are tweaking their GPU designs over time.
If these GPUs are deployed in devices with sub-1GHz CPUs, I have a
hard time believing that these devices will ever run WebGL content
acceptably due to _javascript_'s inherent inefficiency.
I do not recall seeing any device with an OpenGL ES 2.0 capable chip and a less than 1GHz CPU.
When WebGL starts to take off in a year or two, how old will these
minimally ES2 GPUs be? Will the owners of these devices expect WebGL
to work on a 5 year old cell phone?
I have no idea what the owners might expect.

Regarding the future, I refer you to Ken Russell's answer on this thread. It is much easier to relax restrictions than add them.



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