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Re: [Public WebGL] Minefield compositor issue...maybe?

On 01/01/2011 03:33 PM, Vladimir Vukicevic wrote:
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>> Calling readPixels at the end of the frame might help. At least
>> getImageData helps for 2D canvas, which suffers from a similar
>> problem. I guess Minefield is doing the actual drawing async from the
>> timeout handlers, the API calls just push commands in the command
>> pipe. And if it can't clear out the command pipe before the next
>> timeout, the size of the command pipe keeps growing and growing until
>> it hangs the renderer.
> Is this a linux-specific problem?  I haven't heard of this on Windows or OSX, and Linux does have the extra async interaction with the X server.  Can you file a bug, if there isn't one already?
I think it's Linux only - but it's a little tough to pin down.  It's
intermittent, dependent on loading and processor/GPU speed.   Our EeePC
netbook is refusing to link our shaders (no error message...grrrrr!) and
the other two Windows machines we have here at home are both much faster
than our Linux box...so perhaps they don't exhibit the problem just
because they are quick enough.

My game is now pushing the performance envelope pretty hard - aside from
the WebGL load, we're piling on fancy HTML5 and CSS3 trickery, hitting
texture memory capacity on low-end machines, doing AJAX, sound effects
and background music.   We make reasonable frame rates for the hardware
we're running on - but like most mainstream desktop games, there aren't
a whole lot of spare CPU cycles floating around!  (Especially on low-end

The problem isn't that things go slow on low end machines - it's that
performance drops off so abruptly.  We're hitting some kind of "death

I'm going to try piling on the pain on Windows machines and see if I can
trigger the same behavior there.

  -- Steve

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