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Re: [Public WebGL] OpenGL drivers in Firefox

Eh - yeah - OK, I'd forgotten about those - and, actually, I still need
two computers on my desk because there are all sorts of other bugs like
this one: http://www.tubagames.net/chrome_bug/  ...that show up on one
OS and not the other).  I really need to go splurge on a Mac so I can
get yet wider bug coverage.

But it boils down to the same thing - if the about:config flags in
Firefox are somehow evil - then so are Chrome's command-line options.  
IMHO, both are useful.

  -- Steve

On 12/27/2010 08:25 AM, Sami Mäkelä wrote:
>>  To test
>> Chrome with and without OpenGL, I have to have two computers on my desk
>> - that's a LOT less convenient than having Firefox's flag.
> What do you mean? Chrome should use OpenGL if you give it
> "--use-gl=desktop" command-line flag. If that doesn't work, add also
> "--disable-accelerated-compositing --in-process-webgl".
> -- Sami

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