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Re: [Public WebGL] Evgeny Demidov

All: the problem is specific to messages from HI, not a general one, so again apologies for the noise.

Evgeny: it seems that your server is using a blacklist from dul.sorbs.unn.ru that includes HI's SMTP server.



On 28/12/2010 16:07, Mark Callow wrote:

It still does not work. It is not surprising since the Reply-To address you added is the same as the From address that does not work. Here again is the error:

<demidov@ipm.sci-nnov.ru>: does not like recipient.
Remote host said: 554 5.7.1 Service unavailable; Client host [] blocked using dul.sorbs.unn.ru
Giving up on

And to everyone else, sorry again for the noise but I have no other way to communicate with Evgeny.



On 28/12/2010 14:06, Evgeny Demidov wrote:
I've added "Reply-to address" in Account Settings (in Thunderbird) and I see my address in the Reply-To: fields of the composing message window right now. Hope it is enough.

On 28.12.2010 5:11, Mark Callow wrote:

To: Evegeny Demidov.

Please put a valid e-mail From: or Reply-To: address in your posts to public_webgl. I am fed up with getting bounce messages like the following when I reply to messages on the list:

fn:Mark Callow
org:HI Corporation;Graphics Lab, Research & Development
adr:Higashiyama 1-4-4, Meguro-ku;;Meguro Higashiyama Bldg 5F;Tokyo;;153-0043;Japan
title:Chief Architect
tel;work:+81 3 3710 9367 x228
tel;fax:+81 3 5773 8660
url:http://www.hicorp.co.jp,  http://www.mascotcapsule.com