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Re: [Public WebGL] OpenGL drivers in Firefox

None of these options are intended to be user-visible; they're there as debugging and development aids, and in some cases for enabling experimental features (this goes for everything in about:config; I assume the same is similar with chromium's command line flags).  There are many changes here that could cause various parts of the web to stop working in the browser -- users should never need to touch these flags, and a warning is displayed before about:config is opened.  I really can't see any site asking users to click through a warning and make such a change... if they do it wouldn't be much different than asking the user to do any number of other potentially damaging things.

     - Vlad

----- Original Message -----
> Youhave a point about prefer_gl, provided that the code paths in the
> browser for using GL are the same in its Windows and Linux versions.
> But the other preference for disabling the shader validator just opens
> the door to abuse.
> Regards
> -Mark
> On 27/12/2010 22:55, Steve Baker wrote:
> Setting the "prefer_gl" preference on a Windows machine under Firefox
> is
> logically identical to testing the application under Linux or MacOS
> (and
> thereby forcing it to use OpenGL). If these "popular applications"
> work
> differently under different OS's then we have a problem that's much
> bigger than whether we allow users to flip the flag or not.
> ...
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