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[Public WebGL] vertex texture2D

1. At first Float texture2D in a fragment shader is used to simulate 2D membrane dynamics on GPU (PDE on 512x512 grid and ~110 fps on Radeon HD 4650). It is used next in a vertex shader to draw this membrane in 3D.
2. "vertex texture2D (8bit) hole" is closed in Firefox 4b8,9 after I updated DirectX9 (after Vlad message). So I'll mark
as an extension.
3. two more float fragment texture2D demos (for Chromium debuggers) - working with RGB and broken (but funny again) with LUMINANCE
4. I'll make "nasty stream game" proto with "shallow water" simulations on GPU in a while
before you close "vertex texture2D hole"in Chromium. may be I shall put "animated shark" in your "aquarium" :)