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Re: [Public WebGL] Body Browser WebGL app

Yeah - I caught it on Slashdot this morning - stunning stuff - exactly the
kind of thing to showcase WebGL.  (It frequently hits 100Hz on my desktop

Awesome work!

  -- Steve

> If I may, I'd like to drop in a plug for a new WebGL app that we launched
> yesterday on Google Labs, coinciding with the first Chrome Beta release
> that
> has WebGL enabled by default.
> The app is called "Body Browser" and allows users to navigate a highly
> detailed 3D model of the human anatomy, search for anatomical entities,
> click and query about organs, bones, nerves, etc.
> The direct link is:
> http:\\bodybrowser.googlelabs.com
> and of course requires a WebGL enabled browser!  Seems to work equally
> well
> on FF4 Beta, Safari nightly and of course Chrome!
> Some interesting stats:
> 1. The app has no trouble pushing upwards of 1.5M triangles at 60fps even
> on
> common laptop GPUs.
> 2. Geometry transfers from the server were compressed down to about 6
> bytes
> per vertex (including position, normals and texture coords).
> Decompression
> happens on the client side. Hopefully we'll have a writeup on the
> techniques
> used soon.
> I find it to be yet another great example of how far all the WebGL spec
> and
> implementations have come and how close we are to creating a compelling
> cross-platform 3D API for browser that actually works as advertised!
> Vangelis

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