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[Public WebGL] Body Browser WebGL app

If I may, I'd like to drop in a plug for a new WebGL app that we launched yesterday on Google Labs, coinciding with the first Chrome Beta release that has WebGL enabled by default.  

The app is called "Body Browser" and allows users to navigate a highly detailed 3D model of the human anatomy, search for anatomical entities, click and query about organs, bones, nerves, etc.

The direct link is:


and of course requires a WebGL enabled browser!  Seems to work equally well on FF4 Beta, Safari nightly and of course Chrome!

Some interesting stats:
1. The app has no trouble pushing upwards of 1.5M triangles at 60fps even on common laptop GPUs.
2. Geometry transfers from the server were compressed down to about 6 bytes per vertex (including position, normals and texture coords).  Decompression happens on the client side. Hopefully we'll have a writeup on the techniques used soon.

I find it to be yet another great example of how far all the WebGL spec and implementations have come and how close we are to creating a compelling cross-platform 3D API for browser that actually works as advertised!