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Re: [Public WebGL] a few Chromium + ANGLE features

> sorry if they are known bugs. All work fine with OpenGL and in Firefox.
> 1. "texture2D no matching overloaded function found" shader message in
> 3D simulations
> http://www.ibiblio.org/e-notes/webgl/waves/barkley3d.html
> texture2D are not supported in vertex shaders?

Well, technically, yes.  But when you query for the maximum number of
vertex textures that are supported, the answer may be "zero".  So, in
practice, not all systems support vertex textures.  You certainly can't
rely on them existing without providing a fallback.

Worse still, one system we've tested on says that it supports a single
vertex texture - but then does some horrendous software fallback that
reduced my frame rate ten-fold!  With Mozilla (still?) threatening to hide
the real VENDOR/RENDERER/VERSION strings - there is no good way to isolate
that one stupid implementation without some kind of "try it and time the
results" hack...which is truly god-awful because you have to average for a
long time to get stable results in a browser environment - which slows
down everyone's gaming experience.

It's such a nightmare that I've resorted to simply not using vertex
textures - which is a shame because they are a fabulously powerful

  -- Steve

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