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Re: [Public WebGL] Bump mapping demo with OES_texture_float

3. How to mark applications with WebGL extensions?
You should check
for the presence of the extension at run time and display an
informative error message to the user if your application absolutely
requires it and it isn't available.
1. I've just added to all scripts with this extension
var gl, err = "Your browser does not support ";
try { gl = c.getContext("experimental-webgl");
} catch(e) {}
if ( !gl ) {alert(err + "WebGL"); return;}
var ext;
try { ext = gl.getExtension("OES_texture_float");
} catch(e) {}
if ( !ext ) {alert(err + "OES_texture_float extension"); return;}
2. As we are asked to check all applications for WebGL 1.0 compatibility I've added [ext] mark to corresponding links. Hope it is enough.

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