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Re: [Public WebGL] WebKitCSSMatrix and WebGL

Subject: Re: [Public WebGL] WebKitCSSMatrix and WebGL

If you'd like to use it, I recently created a small "library" in a
larger project I'm working on that includes euler-quaternion


It also includes most of the common matrix operations listed in an
email above. I can't say much about the speed (it's probably extremely
slow), but it should work ok.

Thanks, I'll take a look. Best Regards, Joe


On Fri, Dec 10, 2010 at 10:18 AM, Joe D Williams <joedwil@earthlink.net> wrote:
The goal of CSSMatrix is to do the most common compute intensive
operations. Matrix multiply and inverse are certainly at the top of that
list. What other specific functions om Matrix do you think we need?

Matrix to and from Euler angles and to and from Quaternions?

It would be nice to have a function that would transform an entire
Float32Array of vec2/vec3/vec4 data though a 4x4 matrix in a single
call...either "in place" or from one array to another. Something like
that would REALLY earn it's keep in performance terms.

If you really wanted to go further into intersections and stuff - it
would be better to find an existing Open-Sourced C++ library (there are
dozens of them out there) and either port the code or wrap it.

Matrix3 X3DMatrix3 = newX3DMatrix3( f11, f12, f13, f21, f22, f23, f31, f32, f33); setTransform([translation][, rotation][, scale][, scaleOrientation][, center]); Transform.getTransform(translation, rotation, scale); Matrix3 = Transform.inverse(); Matrix3 = Transform.transpose(); Matrix3 = Transform.multRight(Matrix3); SFVec2f = Transform.multVecMatrix(vec); SFVec2f = Transform.multMatrixVec(vec); String = Transform.toString();

X3DMatrix4 = newX3DMatrix4(
f11, f12, f13, f14,
f21, f22, f23, f24,
f31, f32, f33, f34,
f41, f42, f43, f44);
setTransform([translation][, rotation][, scale][, scaleOrientation][,
getTransform( translation, rotation, scale)
Matrix4 = Transform.inverse()
Matrix4 = Transform.transpose()
Matrix4 = Transform.multLeft(matrix)
SFVec3f = Transform.multVecMatrix(rowvec)
String = Transform.toString()

in addition to the above mentioned Matrix to and from Euler angles and to
and from Quaternions the above are often nice to have.
Thanks and Best Regards,

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