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Re: [Public WebGL] Extension proposal: WEBGL_lose_context

El día 8 de diciembre de 2010 18:58, Gregg Tavares (wrk)
<gman@google.com> escribió:
> So I implemented this in JavaScript.

Great! I'm sure that'll be quite useful for app developers, especially
once https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=36512 gets fixed.

> To use that extension in any meaningful way means either littering your code
> with calls to loseContext and restoreContext or wrapping the entire context
> and calling it on a call count or randomly.

For an app developer, i see no difference between using this code or
using the proposed extension.

> I don't see that difference as enough justification to clutter the register
> with an extension for this.

I'm having a hard time understanding why you're arguing so strongly
against extra testing coverage.

Even code that is exceedingly easy to write still has bugs.  For
example, in the script you just posted, you may want to fix the bugs
where the "is functions" and "functions that return null" don't
actually override the wrapper version because you need to add
".length" in the for loop.  Also, getBufferParameter,
getContextAttributes, and getParameter should all return null under a
lost context instead of undefined.

If your code has these bugs, then what about the currently untested
WebGL implementation side of things? In my opinion, a documented WebGL
extension seemed like the most reasonable way to test this logic,
regardless of what prefix the extension has.

I will happily take suggestions on other methods to test this behavior
either in general or in WebKit specifically.


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