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Re: [Public WebGL] Extension proposal: WEBGL_lose_context

On Dec 7, 2010, at 1:45 PM, Adrienne Walker wrote:

> Hi-
> Now that the extension registry is live, I'd like to propose an
> extension to give both app and browser developers the tools to test
> lost context events.  As it stands now, these are difficult to test
> because many platforms don't have lost context events and additionally
> there's no way to programmatically force the loss of a context from
> Javascript.  It'd also be nice to get a conformance test in for this
> part of the WebGL spec.
> I've attached a draft of this extension to this email.  Feedback welcomed.  :)

As I've mentioned before, I don't think debugging tools should be in the spec, or even in the registry. I think it's fine to do this sort of thing using the extension mechanism. But I don't think we should standardize it.


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