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Re: [Public WebGL] GLSL loops and constant expressions

> Not having the possibility to use "while" loops or "for" loops with
> non-constant expressions is very, very sad.
> As with some other things, like multiple rendering targets and depth
> texture formats, I knew the specs say that, but I hoped in some loose
> validation whenever the underlying GL implementation allows them.
> Maybe these features (and others) deserve their extensions?
> For example, the gl_FragData[i] is accepted only if i is zero, as the
> specs say that there is only a COLOR0_ATTACHMENT. But can we actually
> relax these limitations whenever the system is capable?
> Sure, they won't work on all GL|ES 2.0 systems, but, as usual, a
> developer can ask the capabilities before going on.
> Marco.
The issue I see is, and this applies to the whole extension registry
thing, is that  many webgl applications will fail to run on all
implementations. This is because not all developers will provide
fall-backs, due to lack of knowledge, the sheer complexity of dealing
with an increasingly large number of extensions, laziness, 'thoughts
like "I'm just making this to amuse myself" and similar reasons.

In the early days of WebGL this could be a death knell. I think the
extension registry is premature. We should wait until WebGL establishes
a reputation for 'just working' before we create opportunities for


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