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Re: [Public WebGL] updating apps & demos for current spec

Sorry - I don't have something I can release as a demo - we decided
around about last August that WebGL was stable enough to push ahead to
make a for-real game and skip the demo stage.  As a measure of how far
this thing has gone...take a look at a screenshot of our game from a
month or so ago:


It should be out there as a playable beta within just a few weeks.

It has most of the things a conventional OpenGL/D3D game has - skeletal
mesh animation, particle systems, customizable characters, fully dynamic
shadows (although not in that screenshot), post-effects, ~50
simultaneous players, music, sound-effects - and all on a minimum spec
WebGL platform without plugins.  It hits a pretty solid 60Hz frame rate
on a decent, modern Win7 computer - 20Hz on an aging desktop - but
sub-10Hz on a lowly netbook with an Intel GPU.  We're still working on
art and dirtying up the 'look'.  If we have time, we'll be making some
low poly count art to try to get the netbook running a bit faster - but
we're basically "tech-and-design-complete" - and relatively bug-free.

Aside from a couple of really minor bumps, WebGL has performed
spectacularly well in both Chrome and Firefox - under Windows and Linux
- on everything from a 6 year old 6800 desktop to a $200 netbook to an
Alienware gamer PC...quite an amazing advance in browser tech.   I can't
wait to see it on a Mac with Safari...and Opera too...and cellphones and
tablets...OMG!  *That* is going to get interesting!

About the only serious problems we've had are with HTML5 <audio> for
sound effects...I don't know what I can do about that - the spec seems
inadequate to the task of playing sound effects - not one of the
browsers actually meets the spec.  Audio is going to be a serious
roadblock for complicated games on the web. 

(How about Khronos does for OpenAL what it did for OpenGL?  WebAL anyone?)

  -- Steve

On 12/07/2010 01:48 PM, Vladimir Vukicevic wrote:
> Hi all,
> First off, thanks for the enormous interest in WebGL over the past year!  It's been pretty amazing to see what people have put together, even given a draft spec and alpha/beta implementations.  However, as we get (very) close to 1.0, we could use your help in making sure that your applications and demos are updated for the current state of WebGL.  We've had to make various changes in both the API and functionality that have made most of the demos created earlier in the year stop working.
> If you have time, please try to update your apps so that they will run on a recent Firefox or Chrome nightly build.  If you're unable to do so, it would be helpful if you could add a note to the page saying that it was written for an earlier version of WebGL, and is not expected to run on 1.0.
> Also, if your app is listed on http://khronos.org/webgl/wiki/User_Contributions please try to update it!  We'll be going through that page soon and removing entries that don't work with the current spec.  If your app is /not/ listed on that page, and works with the current spec, please do add it!  We'd like to have a page to point users to so they can experiment with various uses of WebGL, and want to ensure that they don't end up with broken content or errors.
> If you run into problems while attempting to update, send an email to the list and we'll see if we can get it resolved.  Unfortunately, there are some things that won't be possible to update (especially GLSL issues, like non-constant loops).  Keep those around for a potential future version of the spec or extension that relaxes those constraints.
> Thanks again,
>     - Vlad
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