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Re: [Public WebGL] Extension proposal: WEBGL_lose_context

This extension can be implemented entirely in _javascript_

Just wrap the context and add the functions loseContext and restoreContext that stop the functions from doing anything and return LOST_CONTEXT.

Adding an extension for this doesn't seem like it would add anything over the pure _javascript_ solution does it?


On Tue, Dec 7, 2010 at 1:45 PM, Adrienne Walker <enne@google.com> wrote:

Now that the extension registry is live, I'd like to propose an
extension to give both app and browser developers the tools to test
lost context events.  As it stands now, these are difficult to test
because many platforms don't have lost context events and additionally
there's no way to programmatically force the loss of a context from
_javascript_.  It'd also be nice to get a conformance test in for this
part of the WebGL spec.

I've attached a draft of this extension to this email.  Feedback welcomed.  :)