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Re: [Public WebGL] quick note about WebGL in Firefox nightlies/betas

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> On 5 December 2010 19:14, Vladimir Vukicevic < vladimir@mozilla.com >
> wrote:
> > We recently upgraded our version of ANGLE to the latest from svn, in
> > order to pick up a number of important bug fixes for both shader
> > translation and D3D translation. As of yesterday's nightly, ANGLE/D3D
> > is the default for WebGL rendering under Windows.
> Is ANGLE expected to be the default WebGL rendering system for the
> final Firefox 4 release on Windows?

It is, yes.  However, in some circumstances we may switch back to GL.  For example, if some form of D3D-GL interop is present, or if someone (manually) chooses the GL compositing manager.  Without those things though, it's likely that ANGLE will provide the fastest experience with our D3D9 or D3D10 compositing managers, even though it's currently a performance hit -- we haven't integrated the two yet.

    - Vlad
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