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[Public WebGL] quick note about WebGL in Firefox nightlies/betas

We recently upgraded our version of ANGLE to the latest from svn, in order to pick up a number of important bug fixes for both shader translation and D3D translation.  As of yesterday's nightly, ANGLE/D3D is the default for WebGL rendering under Windows.  There are some performance problems there that we're working through, but WebGL should be available on a broader range of hardware under Windows.  There's a about:config pref called "webgl.prefer_gl" (hidden, it might get renamed in the future; you'll have to create it) to go back to the previous GL-backed implementation.

However, due to issues on our Linux build boxes, I've had to disable shader translation on Linux (x86; it was already disabled on x86-64 for a similar reason earlier).  This means that WebGL is no longer enabled by default on Linux; additionally, if it is enabled by hand, shader translation will not occur.  We're working to get the build issues resolved quickly so that we can reenable this, but it might take a few days.

    - Vlad
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