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[Public WebGL] libKTX ETC software decompressor license revised


It has taken a quite some time but Ericsson has finally released etcdec.cxx with a revised license that makes it clear it can be used for implementing Khronos related stuff. The amendment is highlighted in the following excerpt:

Under the terms and conditions of the License Agreement, Licensee hereby, receives a non-exclusive, non transferable, limited, free of charge, perpetual and worldwide license, to copy, use, distribute and modify the Software, but only for the purpose of developing, manufacturing, selling, using and distributing products including the Software, which products are used for (i) compression and/or decompression to create content creation tools for usage with a Khronos API, and/or (ii) compression and/or decompression for the purpose of usage with a middleware API that is built on top of a Khronos API, such as JCPs based on a Khronos API (in particular "Mobile 3D Graphics API for J2ME" and its future versions and "Java Bindings for OpenGL ES" and its future versions), and/or (iii) compression and/or decompression to implement a Khronos specification.
It is now clear that the code can be used in WebGL implementations, even those built on top of D3D, and for a KTX viewer. So there should be no problem for browser vendors to use the code from libktx.

Hopefully this removes the last impediment to including ETC & KTX support in WebGL, most likely in the next version.

See the libktx documentation for the whole license and the KTX home page for downloads etc.



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