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Re: [Public WebGL] about the VENDOR, RENDERER, and VERSION strings

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>> What will leak roughly
>> 10 bits of information? How do you come up with this value?
> See earlier discussion with Cedric: 

I had seen that. I was confused by the juxtapositioning of your comment
with Ken's statement that we would push for implementations to have more
than minimum values for things such as max uniform vectors. I thought
you were claiming increasing such values would leak 10 bits of info via
the get commands.

As I pointed out and you also discussed in a later message, the number
of combinations of different values for the minimum maxima found across
devices and implementations is probably nowhere near the number of
different devices and implementations.

I still think your enable flag idea is the way to go. As I've already
said a couple of times applications that really care can ask users to
enable it, if they discover it is disabled.


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