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Re: [Public WebGL] about the VENDOR, RENDERER, and VERSION strings

>>> I already gave you a better suggestion!
>>> Put a checkbox in that gives the user the choice:
>> I'll consider this, but will default to privacy mode.
> This is going to significantly reduce the usefulness of WebGL.
> Graphics chips, even on mobile devices, are far more capable than the
> OpenGL ES minimums. In the Chromium WebGL implementation I am going to
> continue to push for the maximum amount of functionality, whether it
> be the number of available uniforms and varyings, or the available
> WebGL extensions.

The, hopefully small number of, app's that need to check a RENDERER
string can easily raise a dialog telling the user "For better
performance please check the "allow web pages to access hardware
configuration information" in your browser preferences, when they detect
an empty (or default, whatever we decide) RENDERER string.

The number of uniforms, varyings etc. is queried through gl.get not by
intuiting things from a RENDERER string. As for getting those values as
high as possible, go for it!



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