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Re: [Public WebGL] about the VENDOR, RENDERER, and VERSION strings

It had better not be necessary to jump through hoops such as sniffing information about the renderer in order to make compelling WebGL content. That in itself will limit the amount of WebGL content that is developed. I have seen some very nice content that has not needing to do such sniffing.

I think that in all cases VENDOR should be the browser vendor's name, VERSION should be "WebGL 1.0" and SHADING_LANGUAGE_VERSION should be "WebGL GLSL  ES 1.0" because that is the truth of the situation. Those are the API and language versions the application has available to it regardless of the underlyng OpenGL implementation. The only string that might legitimately refer to the underlying OpenGL implementation is RENDERER.

I agree with Benoit's idea of a checkbox to enable/disable gathering of computer configuration information. Mindful of Steve's reaction to the proposed language I suggest instead

Allow web pages to obtain information about my computer's configuration and hardware
I also agree that it should default to off. Applications that really wish to sniff for information can prompt the user to enable this "for better performance".

When the flag is false, RENDERER should return something like  "WebGL renderer". When the flag is true, it could return a concatenation of the VENDOR and RENDERER strings of the underlying implementation.

This above descriptions of the strings should be included in the WebGL specification for consistency across implementations.



Put a checkbox in that gives the user the choice: your way where we get
poor graphics performance and marginally better protection against user
identification - or my way where the web becomes an exciting new
platform for games and we kick the crap out of Flash.


Taking the third option gives you much less data leakage - but results
in even the nicest highest-end graphics card performing with a feature
set no better than the crappiest cellphone.

- and I'm pretty sure that if you do, you'll find that the problem will
go away because all of the gamers (and people who want 3D pictures of
stuff they buy online and people who want interactive 3D maps and so
forth) will be using Chrome.

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