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Re: [Public WebGL] about the VENDOR, RENDERER, and VERSION strings

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> > I think I won't write to any firefox list for now, instead I'll just
> > say
> > as I wrote in a previous email and wait for, say, 1 year to see if
> > webgl
> > apps are actually using the RENDERER/VERSION strings (since WebKit
> > is
> > giving this information). In 1 year, we'll have more concrete
> > information
> > to base decisions on, and it'll still be time to get things right
> > for 2015
> > ;-)
> But a year is plenty enough for potential big-time users of WebGL to
> write
> it off as useless - I don't think we can just shrug this decision off.
> Aside from anything else, waiting to see what'll happen isn't going to
> work because not doing it affects how developers behave.

Fair enough. Do you have a better suggestion? I need a solution that preserves the user's privacy. Remember the amount of noise that Evercookie made when it was released.
The privacy issue that we're discussing here is potentially worse than that as, given enough bits of unique user info leaked, it allows to build a server-side "Evercookie" associated to a unique browser/computer id. I am inexperienced in the Web world so would be very happy if one explained me how my fears are unfounded, otherwise I am very interested in doing what I can to limit the possibilities of this happening, and consider this a priority over allowing web pages to adjust their rendering to the graphics card model faster than we can update browsers.

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