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Re: [Public WebGL] about the VENDOR, RENDERER, and VERSION strings

(First of all your audio bug is just a TODO item, we happen to use bugzilla for all our task management, so all that means is that this particular TODO item hasn't received lots of attention).

> A month would be pretty bad coming up to an Xmas release! But it's not
> a
> month. We know from my example above that it can easily be two years -
> and that's just in the particular case I've tripped over. I bet you
> can
> find fairly serious issues in the Bugzilla database going back much
> further than that!
> Also, these bugs are of a different nature. The bugs you're used to
> fixing are bugs of your own making. Bugs that mostly have a clean fix.

That isn't any more true for us than it is for you! We fix lots of bugs every week that can't be reproduced on our own hardware. We get lots of bug reports and an even much greater number of automatic crash reports about that, all the time. We have lots of infrastructure for that, from a good crash database system (crash-stats.mozilla.org), to the ability to generate test builds on demand for users to try, to firefox extensions that crowdsource running our graphics unit tests on many users' machines (GrafxBot).

You too, like us, might take more than one month to fix a bug that only affects a special hardware combination :-) However, if we are slow to respond to such a bug, you can just tell your users to use another browser.

The current situation is interesting, with WebKit giving graphics card info and Mozilla not doing so. We'll see if that actually results in WebGL apps running better with WebKit :-) I mean it's going to be easy to see for each web app if it actually does implement workarounds for bad drivers based on RENDERER/VERSION strings.

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