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Re: [Public WebGL] about the VENDOR, RENDERER, and VERSION strings

If we have to do something - I'd prefer a simple check-box in
Preferences/Privacy saying:

  [ ] Hide graphics card/driver details from online applications.
      (WARNING: May significantly degrade graphics performance)

...and have it set *all* of the information getters to minimum values -
return nothing more than "WebGL" for VENDOR/RENDERER/etc, disable the
WebGL extensions mechanism and force the context to always return a
minimal setup (eg No antialiassing, no destination alpha, etc).

With the box checked, applications would be unable to use any of the fancy
features of the card - or to detect and work around problems...but that at
least give the more paranoid user complete privacy...just like they can
turn off cookies and JavaScript.  Doing this would ensure almost zero
information "leakage" from WebGL.

With the box unchecked, VENDOR/RENDERER/etc and all glGet calls return
whatever native values the underlying OpenGL implementation provides - the
context does it's best to give what you ask and the extension mechanism is

Applications writers would be able to detect the VENDOR=="WebGL" value and
realize that the box has been checked.  Then they can either run with
those minimal settings - or inform the user that they need to uncheck that
box if they want to get the best results from the game. (Or maybe punt
entirely and refuse to run with the box unchecked).

  -- Steve

> How do you whitelists pop-ups and cookies in Chrome on Android or Safari
> on iOS?
> Regards
>     -Mark
>> If users or browser vendors feel that this divulges too much
>> information, they can quite simply put WebGL content under a per-site
>> whitelist as popups and cookies are now.

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