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Re: [Public WebGL] about the VENDOR, RENDERER, and VERSION strings

> Given that apps that are pushing the edge of perf are all going to have
> different focus areas, can those apps just perform some timing at
> initialization time and decide for themselves?  For example, the
> difference between using software-emulated vertex shader texture fetches
> and using a different path should be very noticeable with some judicious
> use of glFinish().  The app can even cache that data using local storage
> on the client so that it doesn't have to do it each time.
> I think that the argument here for performance reasons has a very
> reasonable workaround; working around rendering bugs is a different issue
> though, but one that I think lies in the hands of the WebGL
> implementation.

For problems that are merely performance-related - this is some kind of a
fix.  Certainly there are mainstream desktop games that do this kind of
test on startup.

But this approach can't find other kinds of feature issues - and flat out
"crash" bugs are totally out of reach of this kind of technique.

The other problem is that with some kinds of application, doing several
seconds of up-front testing can represent a major impact on startup times.

  -- Steve

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