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Re: [Public WebGL] about the VENDOR, RENDERER, and VERSION strings

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> Given that apps that are pushing the edge of perf are all going to
> have different focus areas, can those apps just perform some timing at
> initialization time and decide for themselves? For example, the
> difference between using software-emulated vertex shader texture
> fetches and using a different path should be very noticeable with some
> judicious use of glFinish(). The app can even cache that data using
> local storage on the client so that it doesn't have to do it each
> time.

Argh you beat me to it --- this had just occurred to me to. Nothing will beat a real-world test like this,

   t1 = current_time();
   t2 = current_time();

Although this would have to be repeated a few times, keeping only the best result, to get a reliable result (especially concerned about GC pauses).

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