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Re: [Public WebGL] about the VENDOR, RENDERER, and VERSION strings

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> > I have been contemplating expanding the webgl-bench project so that
> > it
> > can aggregate some statistics on the performance of different
> > graphics
> > features on different user agents and renderers, for use by authors
> > of
> > WebGL apps. This will be a lot more useful if the VERSION and
> > RENDERER strings return actual information.
> >
> > -T
> If the worst came to the worst

I see that you take this seriously, that's why I've tried to make a proposal in a previous email (ACCELERATION_STATUS) that I hope could be enough for most use cases.

For the case of a benchmark on the other hand, while I can see how automatically getting the graphics card info would be neat, I doubt (just my own opinion) that this is important enough to weigh against privacy/security/anonymity/platform-independence issues.

> - I bet you could come close to knowing
> the
> card types by aggregating the results of all of the glGet
> results...

I have been worrying about that too and would potentially go as far as artificially limiting certain parameters to their minimum possible value, or to a few possible values, if doing so would be worth it (balancing bits of user info versus usefulness).

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