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Re: [Public WebGL] Binary encoding of vertex data

We have a library which encodes vertex data in the format of the TypedArray and transfers it from the server using XHR. You can optionally include JSON object definitions in the stream. We are using this to encapsulate vertex data and associated metadata.The JSON object 'describes' the VBO operation, but the data is transferred as binary. In line with the TypedArray spec it is possible to have a number of views on the same binary block, mixing data types as appropriate (eg float + byte pos/normal/color and short index data)

It is our intention to open-source this library (and others relating to WebGL) in the near future.If you contact me directly off-list I can give your more details.


Alan  Chaney

On 11/25/2010 5:20 AM, John Davis wrote:
Has anyone come up with a tight binary encoding of vetex data using WebGL?

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