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Re: [Public WebGL] instancing

Yeah - the vertex texture thing is a bit of a mess - some systems report
zero available vertex textures - others say that they support one or
more but go into some kind of software fallback that makes it
essentially useless.  Sadly, there is no way (that I could discover) to
distinguish that from hardware-supported vertex textures - I think you'd
have to resort to timing how long it takes to do a known operation.  Urgh!

  -- Steve

On 11/23/2010 12:40 PM, Kenneth Waters wrote:
>     Are there any up to date instancing demos that run on Chrome 9?
> Instancing is not supported in WebGL, it is an OpenGL 3.1/3.3 feature.
>  (The entry points are DrawElementsInstanced, DrawArraysInstanced, and
> VertexAttribDivisor).
> NVIDIA has a paper on an efficient way of implementing
> psuedo-instancing, that can be used in WebGL
>  (http://developer.download.nvidia.com/SDK/9.5/Samples/DEMOS/OpenGL/src/glsl_pseudo_instancing/docs/glsl_pseudo_instancing.pdf).
>  However, it relies of vertex texture fetch which may not be available
> on all WebGL implementations.
> -- Kenneth Waters

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