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Re: [Public WebGL] tex-image-and-sub-image-2d-with-video


I just fixed the khronos video test so now it's passing in Chrome
(should be in Safari too).  Adrienne's code on video texture in webkit
is actually correct.

The bug is the test video size is NPOT (80x128), so we need to set the
correct texture parameters to use it, otherwise black pixels will be


On Wed, Nov 17, 2010 at 8:43 PM, Mark Callow <callow_mark@hicorp.co.jp> wrote:
> This piqued my interest. Unfortunately it doesn't run on FF4b7 - get an
> empty video window. Problem is
> Warning: WebGL: getUniformLocation: program: null object passed as argument
> Source File:
> https://cvs.khronos.org/svn/repos/registry/trunk/public/webgl/sdk/tests/conformance/tex-image-and-sub-image-2d-with-video.html
> Line: 33
> In Chrome it is not very visually interesting; no video is shown only,
> momentarily, the video control bar. It also fails most of the tests.
> Maybe I need to do something other than click in the .html file in the test
> repository. (I had already seen Adrienne's message before I tried this, so I
> should be using the fixed version.)
> Does anyone have a working example of video to a texture in a Canvas 3D?
> Regards
> -Mark
> Hi, I noted a small mistake in tex-image-and-sub-image-2d-with-video.
> The video element is set to autoplay which means that the video has already
> started when the event listener is added in body onload. The TC currently
> times out, removing the autoplay it works fine as it's calling video.play()
> immediately after adding the event listener.
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