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Re: [Public WebGL] lossless texture uploading

On Wed, Nov 17, 2010 at 4:05 PM, Mo, Zhenyao <zhenyao@gmail.com> wrote:
During the implementation of COLORSPACE_CONVERSION setting in webkit,
I began to think that maybe COLORSPACE is not the correct word for the
issue.  What we want is the raw bits from the image data, ignoring all
the settings in the image header (meta data).  Color space only covers
one of those settings.  Others include gamma, image orientation, and
who knows what might be added in the future?

I noticed this as well. The original intent was to provide a way to get exact binary data from lossless image formats into a WebGL into a texture. For PNG that means ignoring the sRGB, iCCP, cHRM, gAMA chucks.

But the new UNPACK_COLORSPACE_CONVERSION_WEBGL pixelStore setting only mentions that colorspace will not be applied. It mentions nothing about gamma or other settings that might end up changing the values uploaded to the texture and it mentions nothing about only caring about lossless images. The implication is that colorspace settings should also be ignored in JPEGs as well.

I thought the goal was to specify a way to guarantee, cross browser, that loading certain kinds of images into a WebGL textures would have the exact same binary values passed to glTexImage2D and related functions.

Should we update the spec and/or the name of the enum to make that clearer? 


or maybe just changing the description of UNPACK_COLORSPACE_CONVERSION_WEBGL to cover the goals?


Any comments?
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