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[Public WebGL] Getting FF4 to use ANGLE


I'm trying to see if I can get WebGL content to run accelerated on my notebook computer (Panasonic Let's Note with a 1.06GHz Core2 CPU, an on-board Intel GMA 950 graphics chip and DirectX 9). The GL driver for this chip is reputedly not good so I want to try ANGLE. I got the latest Minefield build (4.0b8pre). webgl.mochitest_native_gl is at the default "false" setting. I thought this would mean it would use ANGLE but I haven't had any luck running any of the demos from the wiki. Most indicate inability to obtain a webgl context but at least 1 just gives an empty page.

How do I force FF to use ANGLE?

P.S. Does the Android version of FF4 support WebGL yet?



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