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Re: [Public WebGL] Delay display of WebGL?

On 11/14/2010 09:57 AM, stephen white wrote:
> On 15/11/2010, at 2:12 AM, Steve Baker wrote:
>> Since the browser can't distinguish these use-cases, I'd strongly oppose
>> a feature that automatically shut down execution when a WebGL page is
>> hidden.  It would have to be something that the app itself does voluntarily.
> Flash waits until it is the front window to start working, but it doesn't pause or stop playing once it's gotten started. That seems to be a reasonable compromise that has precedence.
I see how that helps your particular use pattern - but it doesn't help
many other situations.  When I'm playing some heavy-duty game - then
need to go and check my web-mail or my FaceBook or something - I'd like
the thing running in the "background" tab to use as little CPU/GPU time
as possible.  It can only do that if there is some kind of notification
that it's hidden.

If we need to add some new mechanism - then it ought to be more general
than the flash approach.

  -- Stev

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